17 Takeaways from the Content Strategy NYC Meetup

Author Rahel Anne Bailie recently spoke at Ogilvy’s Content Strategy NYC Meetup.  Her talk, “Content Strategy: Connecting the Dots between Business, Brand, and Benefits,” offered some important insights on an aspect of marketing every company must have: great content.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy Event at Oglivy

Here are some sound bites from Rahel’s talk:

1. Content strategy encompasses: Business Communications, Technical Communications, IA/Usability, Content/Info Management.

2. Just what is content marketing? “It’s a marketing process to attract and retain customers by creating and curating content in order to change or influence consumer behavior.”

3. Content strategy is a balancing act of Brand, Trust (for customer), and Efficiency (for company)

4.  “Perception leads to branding. Customer loyalty leads to profitability.”

5. “Content strategy is the analysis and planning process done to develop a repeatable system, which governs the management of content throughout the entire content lifecycle.”

Content Strategy, Product Lifecycle

Lifecycle, as perceived by customers

6. Content touchpoints happen throughout the customer journey and in multiple outputs for different devices and platforms.

7. “Content strategy means getting the right content:  From the right sources, on the right platform, to right people, at the right times, through the right channels, in right the formats, in the right versions, in the right languages, and in the right media.

Content Strategy

What Content Strategy Means. With Rahel Anne Bailie

8. “Content is important through entire customer journey.”

9. Content involves:

  • cross-functional areas

  • copy + technology

  • user experience and usability

  • lifecycle planning and governance

  • change management and process control.

10.  “Rethink the nature of content: content can’t be treated like a commodity in a supply chain.”

11. “Look at the potential of content.”

12. The Content Lifecycle:

  • Analyze–requirement analysis, user research, governance planning, budget

  • Collect–author/edit, acquire, version/localize, metadata

  • Publish–aggregate/transform, publish/syndicate, evaluate, sunset or iterate

  • Manage–modeling/typing, configure/components, structure/standards, repository

The Content Lifecycle

The Content Lifecycle–Infograph


13. “Recognize that all content helps a brand.”

14. “Create user delight, from even the mundane.”

15. “Work toward an integrated content strategy.”

16. Look at changing consumption patterns:

  • Ancillary: TV plus tablet for social

  • Sequential: Use PC, then mobile, or use mobile then finish on PC

  • Simultaneous: Collaboration requiring instant synchronization between devices

17. “It’s important to have good copy, but ALSO the technology to bolster it.”

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