11 Ways to Engage the Mobile Masses with Social

Think you know the power of mobile? Or how fast it’s growing?  Offerpop hosted another great event this month that delved deep into how to engage the mobile masses. For marketers, this is a massive audience that hasn’t been fully tapped.

Offerpop Meetup, Engaging the Mobile Masses with Social

Engaging the Mobile Masses with Social

The event kicked off with some mind-boggling mobile stats. Here are a few that grabbed me:

  • By 2014, there will be more cell phones than people.
  • Global mobile traffic last year was 12x as high as internet traffic in the year 2000.
  • Tablets are becoming our 2nd mobile screen.
  • 30% of mobile time is spent on social media.
  • More than 30 billion minutes were spent on Facebook and Twitter last year.

Moderated by Offerpop’s CEO, Mark Cooper, panelists shared their views on engaging consumers on mobile. Panelists included: Jarrod Dicker (Director of Social and Mobile Ad Products, Time Inc.), Jeffrey W. Stier (Management Advisor of the EY Experience at Ernst & Young), and Deepesh Banerji (Director of Mobile, CBSSports.com).

Offerpop Meetup, Engaging the Mobile Masses with Social

From Left: Mark Cooper, Jeffrey Stier, Deepesh Banerji, and Jarrod Dicker


Here are 11 key takeaways from their discussion:

1. More people watch videos on a tablet than on a mobile phone, so optimize for that.

2. For apps, build something that resonates with your audience.

3. To that end, if you are trying to acquire new customers organically, build an app that’s personalized and is a great experience. The Starbucks’ app is a good example of this.

4. Hashtags are a great way to identify consumers who are interested in the topic you’re talking about and engage them. Attach yourself to valuable content–let people share with friends and be in conversations among friends. This is content marketing. This can be done inexpensively and may be better than buying a hashtag.

5. User generated content activity (UGC) is very important, and Facebook wanted to be a part of this UGC/mobile usage world by adding hashtags.

6. Jarrod Dicker of Time states: “Instagram gave brands a face; Vine gives them a voice.”

7. Jeff Stier on hitting varying demographics (young and old): “Mobile is simply a platform that allows brands to deploy targeted content to targeted audiences. The reality is that they are seeing a lot of brands engaging with all different demographics. It’s the marketer’s job to get the content to the users. Make it easy. Engagement at any age is possible.”

8. Responsive design is a better way for homepages to optimize per device. You can achieve a better experience for audiences.

9. Value proposition: build native apps to deliver what your consumer needs, i.e. for Deepesh at CBS Sports, this means delivering lightning-fast scores.

10. Consume content on the go on any device: That’s Time’s mindset and their goal. Sync the mobile experience at different times, not necessarily at the same time. i.e. people check something on their phone on the go, then on their tablet or on the web at home…

11. Data delivers great info and metrics, but doesn’t necessarily deliver “intent and the expectations of clients.” So that’s what marketers must seek out to find out.

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